A tragic crime thriller movie starring Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts and Vincent Cassel. The story centers around a British-Russian midwife, Anna, who starts to delve into what happened to a young Russian girl who dies after giving birth. The midwife begins searching for the dead girl’s family to find a home for the baby, and starts to trace the origins of events after searching for the girl’s family for help in translation of a diary, found on the dead girl. A business card leads Anna to a restaurant that belongs to a boss within the Russian Mafia, Semyon. He and his son has ties to the dead girl, and to Nikolai, who is like a bodyguard for Semyon’s son Kirill. Things get complicated when Nikolai starts to ascend the ranks within the Russian Mafia, and Kirill attempts and fails to kill a rival Chechen vory leader.